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October 28, 2018

Things you need to Know before Buying a UPS system

Do you know the importance of interrupted power supply systems? Below are some of the things that you need to know about UPS system. Basically a UPS is a battery backup power system that that is used to supply power to allow equipment to shut down properly. It minimizes the loss of data that is caused by electronic equipment shutting down randomly. UPS can be used as a surge protector, protecting devices from under performing or failing due to a power problem. In case UPS the main power supply goes off, the batter power back it up by providing a continuous supply of power. Depending on the amount of power, battery life can stay for long or become damaged faster.

The work of battery backup is to provide you with ample time to power down your sensitive devices. UPS work differently in protecting other power problems. UPS systems come in different categories based on the type of power protection they offer. Line-Interactive, Standby and Double-Conversion are the main typologies of UPS Systems. Most of the people know that blackout is the only power problem. This is the situation in which power goes off and stay out for some time or days. Apart from blackout there are other common power problem. Common cause of this problem is severe weather, utility power shortages, accidents, and power failure.

The following are some of the power problems that exist. An example is a surge that its intensity is caused by lightning. Due to the intensity of Surge, it can destroy electrics and damage circuit boards.Surge occurs in very high voltage that it destroys the electronica and other components. Another common one is the brownout where voltage drop either intentionally or unintentionally for a given period. When there is a state of emergency, power companies avoid to straining electrical resources by lowering the voltage. In order to know the type of UPS systems you need, you should identify the common type of problem that you are experiencing. Electric will be fully protected if you use a bigger UPS system. The capacity of the UPS system is significant for the safety of your electronic devices.

The number of electronic devices to be supported increase with the capacity of the UPS system. By calculating the UPS capacity, you will be able to find out the UPS capacity. Load is the overall power of all the appliances. By making an equipment list and calculating the total amount of watts each equipment need to operate you will be able to get the load. After identifying the load take the totals power cords that the UPS need to support. The number of UPS should be numerous to cover the number of power cords. Once you have your UPS topology you should think of what to do to your battery power in case the power goes out.

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