Breathe Fresh Air by Removing Mold

February 14, 2017

Mold growth could be a hidden problem that could negatively impact the living conditions of those who live and work in a home or office building. Physical signs of mold growth may be detected when the colony is visible to the eye. But when the growth is hidden in nooks and crannies, the problem could worsen for quite some time before detection.

What Does It Look Like?

Depending on the type, mold colonies may have different appearances. However, they often look like discolored patches or flecks that stand out from the building material. Mold growth looks like brownish or blackish formation that stain the surface area. Depending on the severity of the problem, it could be isolated in clusters or spread out in different locations. Mold growth also emits a distinct odor that can be described as musty or stale.

Mold growth releases microscopic spores into the air in order to reproduce. They also require an ideal damp and dark location. That is why, in an indoor environment, colonies are found near pipes, vents, and in other leak-prone areas. Since they are invisible to the eye, those who are living and working in spaces with mold colonies often experience the effects without knowing that there is a growth issue in their building.

What is the Effect of Mold Growth?

Mold growth affects not only the property but also the people living and working in it. On the surface, it damages the integrity of building materials. Instead of funneling clean air, heating and cooling systems blast out mold-tainted air which circulates in the space.

The effects of exposure vary since some people are more sensitive to mold compared to others. In general, mold affects the air quality and could cause discomfort in the nasal and respiratory passages. Those affected may experience coughing, wheezing, and irritation of the nasal and throat areas. Some type of skin irritation may also occur in some individuals who have direct contact with the growth. For those with a preexisting respirator of a bronchial condition, the effects of exposure could be more severe.

How to Solve Mold Growth

Nipping the mold growth right at the source is the only solution. All over the United States, there are professionals who are trained to test, detect, and provide solutions to property owners. For those who require mold damage restoration Denver Co professionals can help in property mold remediation.

While a small-scale problem can be easily handled by homeowners, however knowing the extent of the mold growth is important. This is where professional help may be required. With a water damaged property, a service provider should be selected based on their mold remediation experience.

At the sign of mold growth in the home, seek professional assistance. With a reliable mold damage restoration provider, problematic areas will be detected including those hard to reach places where colonies thrive. They help property owners and building residents have peace of mind knowing that they are breathing clean air.