Preventing Bedbug Infestation at Home

Any type of pest infestation at home or at work can cause a variety of issues. Aside from physical discomfort and itching, it could present a host of long-term problems to person and property. Bedbugs rank high among this list of pests that could invade one’s property.

The Lowdown on Bed Bugs

There are no specific localities or regions where bed bugs congregate, they can be found anywhere as long as the conditions are right. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention describes the critters as “reddish-brown, without wings, and ranging in size from 1 mm to 7 mm.” They also subsist on blood from a host, which could be human or animal. They hide in the day and often feed at night, and often hide in mattresses or clutter. These silent invaders are sometimes lurking in the home without the owner’s knowledge.

As mentioned, bedbugs are not location or region specific. They can be found around the world. They have been found in homes, even resorts and high-end hotels. The CDC said bed bugs are not known to carry diseases. However, their bites can cause itching and discomfort. It could also cause some type of redness and inflammation of the skin. For those with an allergy to the bug bite, it could also potentially cause some type of infection that may require medical assistance. While bites can be relieved with ointments, addressing the infestation at the source is important as a long-term solution.

Treating Pests At the Source

Bedbug infestation is a real problem that plagues homes and businesses. Detection is important in identifying solutions to bed bug issues. Professional pest control treatment and management options may be required for addressing bedbug infestation. When seeking bedbug treatment Lexington KY, find a professional provider with experience in these types of infestation issues. These professionals often conduct inspections to the property to determine breeding or infestation sites and then recommend a treatment of pest control plan.

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On the prevention side, the USEPA recommends several strategies that the property owner can implement. The first is visual detection, which means going over furniture, mattresses, beddings, to check for infestation. Mattresses holes and cracks could also become potential hiding spots, according to the agency. Reduce the presence of clutter at home so there would be fewer places for these insects to hide and breed.

Cleaning and vacuuming could also remove the critters from their hiding places. Since bedbugs could thrive in other locations, avoid bringing them to your property. Always check laundry bags, clothes, and other personal items for any hitchhikers. This is extremely important if the owner traveled or vacationed to another place.

For those who prioritize a healthy and safe environment at home and at work, addressing bedbug and other infestation issues should part of the plan. These tiny invaders could cause massive problems if not addressed. To prevent further problems to one’s health and property, seek a professional service to nip the infestation in the bud. Regular maintenance should also be done as a long-term pest prevention strategy.