Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Every once in a while, you will be inspired to change things up to enhance the aesthetics of your property perhaps in the hopes of adding marketing value or just desiring something different. Roofing is one of the key elements to consider followed by other details like painting, landscaping, and perhaps laying a new carpet. If you are contemplating replacing the roof, here are six major things to consider:

Identify Root Causes

The first step in roof repairs is to find out where and what caused the leaks or other roofing issues. It could be a broken vent, penetrations caused by chimneys, gutter clogging, etc. A roofing inspector will identify where the problem is so they can determine the most appropriate solution. This exercise will help to identify all concern areas so the job is done fully once and for all.

Roofing Over

If your budget is already stretched as it is, you want to avoid expensive undertakings that will chip away at elusive dollars. Placing new shingles atop the old ones is a viable alternative that saves you a pretty penny in labor fees and disposal expenses for the old shingles. Ascertain that this approach will not cause problems down the line such as degrading the newly shingles due to the accumulation of moisture.

Qualified Contractor

Replacing the roof is not one of those tasks that you can entrust to DIY activities. Find a seasoned roofing contractor to handle this and before you retain one, interview different prospects. You may have to seek referrals from close friends and read online reviews just to be sure. Google search roof repairs Fort Myers FL to see a list of potential candidates in your proximity. Finally, don’t overlook the licensing aspect. Your contractor should have a valid license to operate in your area.

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Doing roofing repairs or installing a whole new roof entirely requires good weather. This means its best to avoid doing roofing in the midst of rainstorms or during winter as this is hazardous and could lead t bad falls. Great weather allows the contractor to complete the task promptly and thus keep a lid on the budget. Moreover, scheduling your roofing job in the low season may earn you a pretty discount from your contractor.

Going Green

Environmental friendliness is the new normal and homeowners are going the extra mile to keep their carbon footprints low. Aside from installing solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and sustainable flooring, you can also make the roof environmentally friendly. For instance, a living roof has planting medium to grow plants insulates the home while creating an interesting visual focal point.

Get Permits

This is mostly your contractor’s docket, but you can help to set the ball rolling to negate permit delays. Find out how much time and money this process will cost and make that provision in your timelines.

Roof repairs or replacing the roof need not be exhausting. Hire a qualified contractor and keep an eye on the budget. Your roofing problems will be resolved in just a matter of days.