Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodeling Project

Pre-planning your bathroom remodel is a great way to reduce stress, save time, and ensure you get the exact design that you want. Many homeowners wait until the last minute to begin planning for their bathroom remodel, creating a rush to get things done. Do not be one of those people and learn firsthand how beneficial it is to plan and prepare for this fun project. Below you’ll find a few ways to pre-plan a successful bathroom remodel.

Determine Your Budget

Set a budget for your remodeling project before work begins, with expectations to go over the amount slightly due to unexpected repairs and updates/upgrades. It is easy to spend thousands of dollars to create a lavish bathroom so make certain you’ve set a budget with an amount that you are comfortable spending for the remodel.

Know What You Want

Knowing your wishes for bathroom remodeling Columbus OH simplifies the entire project and keeps things progressing on a timely basis. Do you want to replace or refinish the tub? Looking to update the floor? Is the sink old and outdated? Know how you want to update the bathroom before you start the project. Look for bathroom remodeling inspiration inside home improvement stores, magazines, at friends and family’s homes, and online, of course.

Special Orders

If cabinetry, countertops, or other items must be specially ordered, make sure you place that order now, so you are not waiting around for these items to arrive. It generally takes a couple of day to a couple of weeks to get specialty pieces, so do keep this in mind and give yourself plenty of time to get these items. Nothing is worse than waiting around for these items to arrive, but if you do not order in time, this may be your experience.

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Know Your Time Frame

Many people begin a remodeling project before an important event in their life, such as before the birth of a baby or before they tie the knot in marriage. Know when you need the bathroom remodeling project completed and find a company that can accommodate that request. Don’t be nonspecific and say, ‘a few weeks.’ Instead, determine an exact date that you want the project completed. Be realistic with the timeframe for completion, however. You certainly do not want the job to be rushed in order to meet your demands.

Research the Remodelers in the Area

With so many bathroom remodeling experts available to handle your project, choosing a reputable, reliable, honest contractor is sometimes harder than we’d like it to be. However, you can find the best talent to handle your project if the time to reach the options is taken. Check with the BBB to learn the letter grade the company has earned; read reviews to learn more about the company’s reputation; make sure the company holds both license and insurance, and always make sure that you choose a contractor who stands behind his work with warranties and guarantees.